kosher certification depends on two variables: the ingredients and production equipment.

Shneider's makes every effort to ensure that these requirements are met in every way, guaranteeing its customers a Kosher product of no compromise, along with quality products. All productions are thus constantly monitored by the presence of rabbinical delegates. This highly qualified staff is trained regularly to keep abreast of the latest production technologies.
A quality product deserves a quality certification. To meet the expectations of as many consumers, Shneider's certify their products by two independent authorities:




Certification Rabbi E.L Schneebalg
Rabbi of the Orthodox community to Machazikei Hadas Edgware (London)
From its beginning Shneider's is committed to meet the most stringent religious requirements, where it works closely with Rabbi Eliezer Lieber Schneebalg. Rabbi Schneebalg is recognized for his knowledge and expertise in the field of Kashrut, his famous far beyond the borders of his community of origin. Because of his great Halachic knowledge (laws of kashrut) and techniques he is often asked by leading certification bodies to resolve complicated issues. A relationship of confidence has arisen between Shneider's and Rabbi Schneebalg, hence its direct and unlimited access to our databases giving full visibility of our products (supplier, production plant, ingredients, etc.).

You can contact Rabbi Schneebalg by mail at the following address:
Rabbi E.L Schneebalg
7, The Rise Edgware
Middx HA8 8NS, Edgware

Star-K Certification
The Star-K Kosher Certification is a U.S. based and global recognition. Of the nearly 900 certifications available on the American continent, the Star-K has emerged as a leader and innovator in the food industry dynamics.

Star-K certification is based on the 3 R: Reliability, Reputation, Respect. These 3 dimensions have contributed to the Star-K one of the first kosher certification agency in the international arena today. Star-K certification is guided in a meticulous manner under the direction of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, one of the world's leading authorities in kosher foods and kosher food technology. 






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