Our History
In 1991, after extensive traveling and living in various cities, Haim and Michal decided to move to Paris, France. They made a quick observation: the lack of choice and quality concerns of products offered by small french groceries. To them it was incomprehensible because the French Jewish community is the largest in Europe and France is the country best known to the world for the quality of its cuisine. At school, their children were quickly noticed by their classmates because they always had the lastest candies and chocolates in theri bags and in addition it was strictly kosher! Word of mouth traveled fast and pushed Chaim and Michal to travel farther and more often to meet the demand.
They took the initiative to create products with the kosher French and European brands of food. From the outset it is assumed that the products will be of the highest quality whether in taste, rabbinical certification and packaging. The aim is to satisfy all consumers in the community.
Today, Shneider's is in over 200  kosher supermarkets. You will find us  in France of course but also when traveling in the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Tunisia, South Africa, Australia, Israel and much further ...

At Shneider's we are committed to respond to all inquiries and satisfy all tastes. Our attention is devoted entirely you. Your suggestions are welcome because they are our inspirations.
Your satisfaction is our goal.



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