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All our products are suitable for vegetarian consumers. Our gummies CANDY PLANET contain fish gelatin and non-gelatin pork or beef.

At Shneider's we only use vegetable fats, no animal fats. Also, the cacherisation imposes a strict process, we use a thorough cleaning of production lines before each manufacture and any ingredient other than those approved is thus completely eliminated.

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The term "Vegan"is a neologism Anglo-Saxon sometimes translated as "vegan. " The vegan or strict vegetarian, food is a practice which, as any vegetarian diet excludes all animal flesh (meat, fish ...) and animal products (gélatine. ..), but rejects, moreover, the consumption of their products (eggs, milk, honey, etc. ..). The vegan consumes no food from the animal kingdom. When our products meet these standards we set forth on the packaging.



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