Nutrition Allergenes. A  product is composed of several ingredients. In plants manufacturers developed a number of other ingredients, which can cause cross-contamination even without contact, including allergens. However, the process of cacherisation which includes thorough cleaning of production lines by pressing particularly on sensitive issues and a "decontamination" remove all residues of ingredients or products not seen, in addition to cleaning "normally"  before each manufacturing this allows us to further reduce the risk of allergens. However, a minimal risk exists and legislation European, Canadian and U.S. require that they notify the packaging of products.

The most known allergens are:


In our consumers, one question often arises: how is it that a product can be labeled RAAP Milk in its list of allergens

To report a product Pareve is not enough not to put milk or butter. Shneider's in addition to a thorough cleaning of all production sites of production are subject to Cacherisation complete and it is obvious that our Pareve products contain no dairy ingredients and have never had any contact with any product containing milk, butter or other material derived from milk. The warning refers to particles of powdered milk that may be present in the air at the production sites.

These particles do not in any way compromise the status RAAP products.

However, it is our duty to warn consumers allergic to milk and it is recommended that they consult their physicians to determine their degree of Allergy and whether they can consume these products. 



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